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Wordpress, Drupal, and Oxebiz

13th May 2014
Categories: drupal, oxebiz, wordpress

When new customers ask what technology we're using to build a website, the question comes from a variety of sources.  It used to be the case that people had heard the word 'Dreamweaver' bandied around, and were worried if we weren't implementing that. (We have been implementing websites with content management systems for donkey's years). But nowadays there is a lot of interest in Wordpress, and we are quite often assumed to be using it as our CMS of choice.

We have three main CMSs that we use to construct websites - each does the job of putting content on the site, allowing the user to be primarily concerned with content, while the web designers and developers can be concerned with design. But here's a quick cheat sheet describing some of the ways in which they differ:

  Wordpress Drupal Oxebiz
How full-featured out of the box? Basic Quite full-featured, for example it contains good user management features. Quite full-featured, for example it contains good user management features.
Easy to add 3rd party modules Easy Easy Oxebiz is our own software, so if we don't have the module, it needs to be built.
Easy for developers to add bespoke modules Easy Easy Very Easy
Easy to implement new designs Very Easy Easy Easy
Easy for back end users to navigate content Easy Very Easy - users can navigate to the page they want to edit from the front end. Easy
Easy for users to add/edit content Quite Easy, but does not allow as much control as Oxebiz Easy Very Easy
Easy for developers to change the way content works Will normally require a new module Quite Easy Very Easy

As you can see, it is not always an obvious choice, but we can help you look at the different alternatives, and how they meet your business objectives, before deciding on a technology.

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