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Why "Click Here" is wrong on so many levels

10th November 2011
Categories: usability

Have you ever seen (or perpetrated) the 'click here' crime?  It's when you have a sentence on your web page that reads something like "To see our brochure about ecommerce apps, click here" (where 'click here' is a link).

Here's why it's wrong on 3 levels:

  1. Readability.  If your customers are reading your webpage at 100 miles an hour (and they will), a set of underlined 'click here's aren't going to help.  Far better to emphasise the important words (like the "ecommerce apps") by turning them into links.
  2. Accessibility.  If blind people are using your website, they'll hear "link: click here" instead of "link: brochure about ecommerce apps", which doesn't work, especially if they're getting a summary of links!
  3. Search engines: if you're linking to the ecommerce apps page with the words "ecommerce apps", search engines will add those words to the information they have about the page (i.e. they'll go into the search index along with all the words on the page, for retrieval later on).  Which means the page shows greater relevance to those words.

Why not take a look at your website copy now and correct those pesky 'click here' links? 

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