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Why businesses use facebook

14th June 2010

It's all too easy for facebook to polarise people - you can be totally against the 'fluff' of social networking or gung-ho and ready to try everything, scattering "social networking" links around your website like confetti.

Here are three practical uses of facebook for thinking businesses...

  • Use it as a corporate blog.  You can allow employees to post updates in a more informal setting, but in a way which shows something about how the engine of your business works.
  • Use it to post special offers.  Your customers can subscribe to see updates when they log in to facebook
  • Use it to receive customer feedback.  It's got built-in tools for user comments, and for deleting unnecessary comments and spam.

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I feel so much happier now I understand all this. Thanks!

Aggy, 6 Dec 2011

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