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the rules of web design

26th August 2011

It's August, and while some of our staff are away on holiday enjoying the sun, here in Oxford the rain is cold and the sky is grey.  This is not what we expected in August.  And so, despite the fact that in Oxford in particular and the UK in general, this type of weather is very common, it makes people unhappy.

It's true of web design too - if you don't get what you expected, no matter what it is, it devalues the experience of using the website.

So is there a set of rules for web design?  

Unfortunately not.  Since the web began, the practices employed by web designers has changed constantly, leading to easier and happier user experiences.  This does not, however, mean that web designers should make up new paradigms every time.

Take navigation, for instance.  There are web designers who create blocks of colour without labels, for the user to discover what's behind them by mousing over or clicking them.  This may look good, but on a site where the user wants to get somewhere, quick, you want to put up readable navigation in a place they expect.  And you need it on every page.

At Oxford Web, we know design

Our team at Oxford Web have four decades of combined experience designing websites - not as pretty pictures (that too) but as living, breathing, working extensions of our customers' businesses, fulfilling a purpose, which usually means increasing the income of our customers. Everyone in our team has expertise in an aspect of web design.  Oxford Web fosters an atmosphere of sharing ideas and working together.

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