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Manage your keywords and stay relevant

19th June 2013
Categories: google, seo

Quite often new customers will ask us how to attain a more prominent position in search engine results.

Of course, often the real target is more sales. And sometimes it turns out that they are getting enough clicks but not enough conversions, and the first focus should be on usability.

But sometimes they do really need more prominence on Google - and the question is - "for which keywords?". At this point, we will undertake a keyword analysis, using various sources of information, to find out where to put most of the effort. Our e-news article on the "long tail" is useful reading if you are contemplating this kind of activity.

But how do you stay relevant?

Frstly, you need to understand what people are typing into Google when they are looking for your product or service. There are two kinds of information about what people are typing into Google - (1) internal - i.e. phrases which do actually cause your site to appear in search results (not necessarily on the first page) - this is supplied by Google Analytics now, so it's a real mine of information - and (2) external - lists of keywords suggested by search engines or other sites, which may not necessarily cause your website to come up. These lists are both important.


As time moves on, people may find different ways to describe your product. It may be that they are looking for new brand names which aren't mentioned on your site - or lookng for activities, consumers or suppliers of the product you sell, as a roundabout way of finding that product. Depending on your industry, you may need to get a new keyword list every 6 months or so and work out what to include in your site.


But when Google Analytics tells you that for a certain key phrase dear to your heart you appear on page 2 - but have never been clicked - you can do a lot more:

  • Improve your site's rank generally - this always helps, and we can tell you how.
  • Improve the relevance of one particular page to that keyword - without swamping the page.
  • Change the meta-description, so that what people see in the search results is enticing enough to make them click.

So if you're not reading that Gogole Analytics data every month or so - you may be missing out on opportunities.


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