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css3 in firefox 5 (Technical)

24th June 2011

Mozilla has launched the latest release of Firefox, version 5, hot on the heels of version 4 due to their new rapid release programme.

One of the new features is support for CSS3 animation, a neater and more efficient way to perform simple animations (based around changing of style) than including libraries of javascript.  Here's a simple colour change animation - where the browser actually works out the colour gradations from red to green and green to blue.  Try it out once you've donwloaded 5.  Or you can add -webkit prefixes (duplicate and amend the -moz prefixes) for trying out on webkit browsers like Safari and Chrome.

<style type="text/css">
-moz-animation-duration: 10s;
-moz-animation-name: wowanimation;
-moz-animation-iteration-count: 1;

@-moz-keyframes wowanimation {
from {color:red;}
50% {color: green;}
to {color:blue;}

see the demo page here

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