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Can a social media presence replace your website?

17th March 2014

I recently attended a business meeting with a wide mix of businesses represented, and a presentation on social media. In the presenter's opinion, social media had made websites outdated.

If social media supplies a need for your business, that's great; we're making use of social media too, and many of our customers do, in different ways. But what it doesn't do is obviate the need for other forms of e-marketing and e-provision (not all websites exist for marketing!).

Take a business that doesn't sell anything online, doesn't have a great deal of information to get across, and doesn't have any online provision for such functions as customer/member service. Do they still need a website?

Assuming they sell something that people look for on the internet, then yes, I would suggest a website even if they have a social media presence on various platforms, simply to provide a base for describing what they sell, and pointing to the various social media sites.

The one constant in social media (if we are talking about facebook, twitter, pinterest.. - menshn closed last year, by the way) is that. as a user, you are faced with a rolling list of new topics, latest at the top.  

So as a business, if you have to constantly re-state your USPs in order to keep them in people's minds, you're using the wrong medium!

Networking in Oxford

5th November 2012
Categories: networking

Sad to announce, the final event of Oxford-based networking group "Ladies and Gentlemen that Lunch" has taken place.  We supported this group for a number of years with a website which:

  • Allowed the group to manage content via an online content management system
  • Allowed members to update their profiles for an online directory
  • Allowed the group to post events and take payment for events

If you're interested in networking events near Oxford, you could try Refer-On or the Late Breakfast, but if you're interested in meeting us in an informal setting to discuss websites (including design, building, and optimisation) we're planning on running a few  seminars in the new year (2013) - please register your interest here.

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