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One small step

3rd October 2012
Categories: automation, processes

I was at a very engaging and informative presentation this morning by Mark Salisbury from the Oxford Knowledge Company, who reminded us that the Apollo 11 mission to the moon reached its destination with the aid of 4 computers which were each similar in processing power and storage size to the ZX81.  The problem, he said, was that now we have desktop PCs which are thousands of times more powerful, all we do with them is write documents, send emails, and browse the web..

Mark went on to discuss the needs of a modern business, and how computers can automate processes within businesses to save time and avoid mistakes.  

Do you have a business where you have to type each invoice by hand or manually transpose information from one system to another?  Or do you have a website and CRM system which don't talk to each other?  Are there any boring tasks which you think could be automated with the use of some nifty technology?  If so, it may not be as hard as you think!

Do talk to us or the Oxford Knowledge Company if you're interested in making your business processes better.

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