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What are Keywords?

21st March 2012
Categories: google, keywords, seo

Customers often ask if they can amend the "keyword metatags" or add "keywords" to their website.

Keywords have traditionally meant:

1. Words or phrases which people type in to search engines in order to find your website.

2. The keywords meta-tag, a hidden part of your web page which lists a number of keywords (in the hope that search engines will read it and use it to put your website first in the list as a response to people searching using those keywords).

Unfortunately, having your site appear on page one for a keyword is completely unrelated to the keywords meta-tag.

Did I say unfortunately?

This is really quite fortunate, because it makes websites which are really about those keywords (or themes) look a lot better than websites which are not about those themes at all.

So for instance, if your website has a page about lemon trees, which goes into depth about how to cultivate them and how many different types there are, then those clever search engines will identify that page with the phrase 'lemon tree' (and all sorts of other related phrases).

Google won't get any clues from the keywords meta-tag.  In fact, it ignores the keywords meta-tag completely.

Here's a link to Google's article explaining that keyword meta-tags are completely ignored: google says keywords meta-tags are ignored.

So if you want to be no.1 for lemon trees, what do you need?

  • An interesting, readable page
  • Links to that page (preferably from a variety of sources)

Interestingly enough, there are meta-tags which are useful, particularly the 'description' meta-tag, which appears in the list of search results when your site comes up.  Use this to 'entice' people to your website.

For more info, search our website for 'seo'!

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