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Just what is Google Play?

6th March 2012

Have you noticed how giant internet-busting corporations go around treading on each others' toes while explaining very carefully that they're innovating and addressing a bunch of needs to which surely no-one else has given any thought?

For example: Microsoft Silverlight (heard of it?) wasn't "the Bill Gates version of Flash" - it was a new technology for running rich, interactive applications and video in a web browser.

Google+ wasn't "the Google version of Facebook" - it was a great way to share stuff over the internet with your circles of friends.

Well now Google have released something called "Play", and yet again we have to figure out what it is, because they're not telling us plainly and simply that it's the Google version of the iTunes Music Store plus plus Apps plus Kindle.

Hang on... iTunes+LoveFilm+Apps+Kindle?  Just when you thought Google had done enough taking over the world.... is this a step too far?  Or is it simply a logical collection of media for storage and play?

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