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Google docs app - a game changer?

24th February 2012
Categories: google, phones

What can you do with your smart phone?  To realise the impact of modern phones we just need to step back in time just a little.  Last night my son was telling me that one big topic of conversation at school was "who's got what phone?".  Imagine the conversation 30 years ago:

"We've got a black bakelite speed dialler 1000."

"That's nothing, we've got one of those with buttons you push, instead of a dial."


Of course, with smart phones today you can access almost any kind of information from anywhere - encyclopaedias, maps, emails... - it's the stuff science fiction writers couldn't even imagine 40 or 50 years ago.

But what are we missing?

Would it be good if you could edit information?  If you could, perhaps, start a document or spreadsheet on your PC at work, and then when you're waiting for a meeting to start, make a quick edit on your phone, and without having to save or send the document back, it's ready to edit again in the office or at home, complete with your changes?

I'm not advocating working round the clock or not sometimes enjoying a moment of peace and quiet, but how often have you wished you had brought something with you when you hadn't, and suddenly you have time to do it?  This is one extra piece of the puzzle that lets you take everything with you!

Google have released an update for Google Docs for android, which I'm trying out as a write.  It brings the android phone in on  the docs world as more of a first class citizen, allowing you to see real time updates, and edit spreadsheets and word processing documents.  

If you have an android phone, you can download the app from the "marketplace".  If not, maybe it's time to upgrade?

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