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A nice, high quality article - and money!

17th December 2012
Categories: gambling, seo, spam

When I dipped into my electronic post bag this morning I was surprised and delighted to find an email offering me money.

It wasn't in exchange for my bank details; it was from a very nice man who wanted to write a "high quality original article" in the form of a sponsored post on the Oxford Web blog.

As you may imagine, alarm bells had already begun to ring in my head.  What's going on is that someone who wants to get better rankings in Google wants to use a number of high ranking websites to create content to link to their website.

"What's wrong with that?" you may ask.  I'm a cynic with a lot of things, but the whole idea behind Google's "link juice" algorithm is that websites earn kudos by having other websites rate them highly and therefore link to them - not that they should pay for it and at the same time downgrade the level of content on my site!

I read on.

"Oh, by the way, I'd like to know if linking to a gambling website would be a problem for you..."

Yes - it would be.  And you can read more about why if you buy Graham Tempest (our customer)'s excellent novels - here!

And that link is free of charge...

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