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Back to school

30th August 2013

The overriding feeling - besides the nervousness - is the pride in the unscuffed black shoes, the neat school tie, the clean pencil case and bag or satchel. Do you remember that?

Creating a new website can be like going to school. But soon the pride can give way to shame, because someone says "nobody uses that technology any more" or your news articles simply look out of date, because you haven't updated them in months. Or something inexplicably stops working - maybe it's to do with a new browser version or something that's changed on the web server. The website's falling to pieces, and you don't know what to do.

Don't panic

First of all, don't panic. Whatever looks bad to you, because you know its flaws so well, sometimes doesn't matter to the website visitor. Yes, you can improve it, but think carefully about how, rather than rushing into things.

Seek advice

Come to one of our seminars, subscribe to our e-news, or contact us about a website audit. This puts the information in your hands so that you can make an informed decision.

Make changes

Don't be afraid to change. Small changes can have big results - and what's more, you can measure them. Have a plan B, but try plan A and measure its success rate.

When you change a website, visitors react. Whether it's an additional click "yes, I'll buy/get in touch/subscribe" or just putting their faith jin you. Get in touch with us about how that can work.

And happy first day of term!

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