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Why I love my android phone

23rd February 2011

It's not actually the touch screen experience - I can take it or leave it, and it was faster typing using the keyboard on my old blackberry (sigh!).

It's not the fact that you get access to hundreds of apps which may enrich your life - or drain hours from it - depending on what they do (watch out for's app coming out next month, by the way!).

It's the fact that Google's operating system works so seamlessly with the basic programs like email and maps, that really thrills me.

Take the maps application: when you first use it to get driving directions, it tells you that speech isn't installed so you'll need to install it.  OK, you think, I'll just press 'install' now and then it'll come in handy next time around.  

Then a few miles into your journey, instead of going 'ding!' when you need to take a turn, it starts saying 'Turn left in 300 yards'.  The speech module has installed and started working with the maps application!  Maybe it's how it should be, but when you're used to computers you do not expect this sort of joined-up thinking!

Call me a Google fanboy, I don't care!


Microsoft copies Google's homework

7th February 2011

According to several sources, Microsoft has been very naughty with its bing search engine results.  In a controlled experiment by Google, the search engine leader placed bogus results for random strings of characters into its results page, which promptly turned up in the bing results page for that same string of characters.  It seems that Microsoft was using data gathered from the search bar in Internet Explorer to query Google and then put the results into its bing search index. 

An analogy would be recording conversations you were having with a favourite supplier, then using the information to supply an identical service.

Microsoft puts it differently, attempting to explain that it was legitimately drawing information from a variety of sources.

Nice try.

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