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Ever wondered what meta-keywords were for?

Keywords have traditionally meant:

1. Words or phrases which people type in to search engines in order to find your website.

2. The keywords meta-tag, a hidden part of your web page which lists a number of keywords (in the hope that search engines will read them and use them to put your website first in the list as a response to people searching using those keywords).

In actual fact, search engines don't think much of keyword meta-tags. Read about why on our blog:

Cookies again

You may notice that we've placed a "cookie bar" at the top of our website, which is in our view an appropriate response to the new (and quite mad) EU cookie legislation.  If you have a website you need to consider the options.  If you don't know what this is all about, you can start here!

The website that grew

On our MD's blog we've been following the fortunes of John Smith, cheese shop entrepreneur, and his efforts to get online. Some of our readers have expressed an interest in keeping up to date with the story, so if you haven't read up to part 3, read on:

Praise from Oxford Brookes

We've been working with the Business School Oxford Brookes University to move paper submissions for their Applied Accountancy degree course to an online format, saving a huge amount of adminstration overhead. Jane Towers-Clark from Oxford Brookes says "Well done to Oxford Web, a fantastic job and a pleasure to work with."

Do you need Fiscal Services?

One of our recent website launches has been the fiscalservices.co.uk website, for company Fiscal Business Services. Fiscal works to help its clients with, among other things, book-keeping, management acccounts, and payroll.  MD Ali Wiltshire says:

Marcus and the team were really helpful in explaining how the website content management system worked. I'm now editing all of my own content and pictures, and the website structure has really helped me put my message across.


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