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You never know who's reading your blog

7th February 2012
Categories: blogging

An obvious statement of fact, I know, but I was surprised (and delighted) when attending a school parents' evening, that one of my eldest son's teachers (who hadn't met me before) had tracked my email address to our website and taken a look at this blog.

And if you're reading now, hi! (you know who you are!)

Anyone else reading this - I can imagine what you're thinking: "Why be surprised?  It's on the internet, it's public, it's linked to your email address... so what's the big deal?"

But it just might be a wake up call for people who blog on a regular basis, with two interesting implications:

  1. Whoever you're writing for - whether it's close friends or a vast anonymous public - they may not be the only audience.  If you're interested in not offending your neighbours and colleagues - be careful what you write.  On the other hand if you'd rather offend people - maybe you should be writing more on topics that are close to the bone!
  2. If you think your blog has no impact - for example if you're preaching to the converted (i.e. your customers), think bigger and write bigger. You may be reaching potential customers without knowing it.  What would they like to hear - and what's going to improve their lives or their businesses today?


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