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Why Google+ is a big deal

10th October 2011

I know what you're thinking... there goes the Google fanboy, banging on about how Facebook is for old ladies who play farmville, trying to get us all to join up to Google+, when in fact Facebook is the hub for everything and in Google+ it's so quiet you can actually hear the tumbleweed...

Well, take it or leave it, it doesn't matter, but sooner or later a large number of companies are going to be taking it, no matter what, because, as our earlier blog post indicated, if you connect to people using Google+, you're automatically increasing the chances of your website coming first when they search for your products and services.  

Why should this matter?  Surely your friends and acquaintances know you and will buy from you anyway?

No - from 15 years' experience in the business of websites, it can actually be very hard even for direct customers to remember all the things you do.  

But then there's the serendipity bit... you "plus one" your customer or supplier's (very fine) website, and your friends who don't know him or her will also get that website appearing on page 1 for certain searches.  In other words there's very little time investment needed to do someone in your circle a good deed.

So go on, connect and prosper, by Google+ing today!

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