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Trust on the internet

27th June 2011

When you part with money on the internet, do you always know how trustworthy is the website you're visiting?

The inherent problem is that you're not necessarily receving the goods when you send the money - and to complete the transaction you have to trust that the company, who many not have a bricks-and-mortar presence, will send what you've paid for.

While the look and feel of the website is important, it's not quite enough to be a guarantee of the bona fides of the supplier.

In the run up to the Olympics, London 2012 have created a 'ticketing website checker', here, to help ensure that any fake ticket-touting websites can be checked and caught out by consumers.  

Some of our customers, like Evolution Organics, have employed devices such as trust logos (links to well-known security providers who can verify the ability of the supplier to supply the goods).

Ultimately, the consumer has to be aware that if they don't have anough information to be able to trust the supplier with their money, they should back away fast.  The same principles we all learnt in the 90s with spam emails - i.e. don't open it if you don't know what it is - should be kept in mind and applied every time!

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