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The wrong way to do social media (part 1)

28th August 2012
Categories: social media

According to the bbc website today, the UK government recently spent £100,000 on facebook ads as part of the "Great" marketing campaign.

The BBC's correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones, wonders if the Facebook "likes" produced by the campaign were worth the advertising (the cost of a "like" is something like 43p).

Of course, if all the facebook fans are going to cancel their Marbella plans next year and stay in Great Britain, the GDP generated might be significant.

But the BBC reckons that the "likes" are not worth an awful lot.

It's one thing to set up a facebook page; it's quite another to spend money getting people to visit it when there's no clear conversion process.

As one comment puts it: "Is it a waste of money, you ask? When was THAT ever the main concern in Government spending?"

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