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The website that grew, part 8

27th September 2012
Categories: tWtG

Kate decided to try adding 10 products to the ecommerce package she'd bought, 5 different types of cheeses in two sizes.

After photographing the cheese on her iPhone, she uploaded product descriptions, photos and prices.

The off-the-shelf commerce system made her put things in categories, so she eventually decided to put two of the cheeses into a category called "strong" and three into a category called "smooth".

On the design side, she had to choose from a number of colour templates, which didn't quite match the "Smiths Fine Cheeses" site, but looked OK.

When everything was ready, she added a link from the Smiths Fine Cheeses site to the new shop site.  The address of the shop site was, but that didn't matter, as customers went directly from Smiths Fine Cheeses and weren't particularly going to notice.

A couple of months passed, and there were two orders on the system - Kate's first test order for some Smooth and Creamy Oxfordshire Cheese, 500g, and an order from someone in Oxford for some Buckinghamshire String Cheese, 2 x 500g packages.  The order from Oxford caused some excitement as they worked out how best to wrap and post the cheese.  The shop had some great cheese boxes but they hadn't thought about the outer packaging.  They realised after processing the order that the postage and packaging cost way too little at £2.50 and ought really to be more like £4.00.

Another month passed and no orders.  The profit on the one genuine order was more-or-less wiped by the problem with the packaging price, and the cost of the ecommerce package at GetYourDomainsNowUK.Biz was £8.99 per month, so the net loss so far was £26.97.

Meanwhile the real world shop itself was flourishing.  Due to some new developments in Aylesbury, more passing trade was coming through the door and buying the speciality cheeses on offer.  

But Kate was bothered about the online shop, and decided to speak to Hugh again.  

More on that next time!


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