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The website that grew, part 6

27th June 2012
Categories: tWtG

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A month went by, much the same as any other, and John happened to be serving in the shop one Saturday afternoon when two Danish tourists walked in.

"Good afternoon", said John.

"Good afternoon", said one of the tourists, "We found you on the internet.  Can we try some of your Yorkshire Mature cheese?"

"Yes, no problem" said John, and lifted one of the cheeses onto the counter, cutting a couple of small slices off with a cheese knife and offering them on the tip of the knife.

"Absolutely delicious" said the Danes, "can we order this back home?  We're from Denmark."

"Err.. yes, we can do a telephone order; I'd have to look up postage prices."

"Can we order them from the website?"

"No, not at the moment.  Would that be easier?"


Back home, Kate was the one dampening John's enthusiasm. "We may have one internet order.  That's not going to pay for Hugh to develop an online shop for us!"

"But think of the potential!"

"I think we need a meeting with Hugh.  It's about time you got involved in the website and understood some of the technical stuff."

"OK, set it up"

So she did.

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