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The website that grew, part 4

28th March 2012
Categories: seo, tWtG

Part 4

Time passed, and the website was forgotten.  John took on some of Martin's ideas for improving the layout of the shop, but all in all, the shop simply plodded on.

At the end of one month, Nancy (John's mother and the shop's book-keeper) was going over the accounts and found the £100 paid to the search engine optimisation company.

"What's this, John?"
"Oh, that must be that company the missus hired to put us on the first page of Google."
"Is it working?"
"As far as I know, yes."  John paused.  He called through to the living room where Kate was enjoying a small glass of red wine: "Kate?"
"What is it, hun?"
"Is that search engine thing working?"
"What search engine thing?"
"That company you hired to put us on page one of Google."
"Hang on, I'll check."

Kate fired up her laptop and searched for "cheese shops in Aylesbury".
"Hey!" she called, a few moments later.
"What is it?"
"Looks like it's working fine, we're in the number 3 spot!"

John looked at Nancy and frowned.  Nancy frowned too.  "How is this helping us, John?"
As if having exactly the same thought, Kate appeared in the doorway.  "What are we expecting the website to deliver?" she asked.
"I probably haven't given it enough thought, to be honest." answered John.
"If we fail to plan, we plan to fail." Nancy murmured.

"OK", said Kate, how about we take it out of my brother's hands and talk to a proper web company?  If they're any good, they should help us decide what to do with it, and at the very least it should be sending new customers to the shop.  Half of Aylesbury doesn't even know about us."
"If that means spending more money, .. then I'm not sure." John ventured.
"Look, what if we halt the Google stuff for a couple of months but put the money aside for some website improvements?"
"I don't like to offend your brother, Kate."
"Don't worry about him; he'll be alright."
"OK, let's give it a go.."


  • When you have a website, have a regular review to ensure that it is working hard for your business.
  • Being no.1 on google is nothing without an effective website.
  • Take advice from more than one person about what makes an effective website.

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