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The website that grew, part 3

8th March 2012
Categories: seo, tWtG

Some weeks went by, and a customer in the shop remarked "I tried to find you on the internet, but I couldn't."

John told Kate, and Kate did a search for "cheese shops in Aylesbury". She couldn't find "Smith's fine cheeses".

"A site's pretty useless if no-one can find it", she told Harry.

"But you just asked for a website!" he protested.

Kate sighed. "OK, but what can we do?"

"I've got a lot on at the moment. I think you need professional help."

But where to start? Kate had heard of cold-calling web optimisers and spam email from search engine cowboys. She wanted to get it right. So she decided to do a Google search and interview a couple of companies that came up.

She sent enquiries to both, and received the following responses:


"Hi Kate,

Thanks for your enquiry. We can certainly help. I would prefer to meet in person to discuss your needs and then put the right measures in place. Would you be available on Thursday of this week? I'm in town seeing another customer then."



"Hi Kate,

Thanks for your enquiry. With our strictly legal and white-hat optimisation techniques we can put you on page 1 of Google within 1 month, or you pay nothing! We charge £100/month for keeping you on page 1 for selected phrases; see our enclosed brochure for information on satisfied clients. Please reply with your list of preferred phrases and we will start straight away!"

Kate was not available on Thursday and liked the idea of paying a fixed price, so when she'd discussed it with John (who said "Gosh, well, if that's what it takes, I suppose we'd better bite the bullet") she engaged search engine company no. 2 and away they went.

Within a few weeks, the cheese shop was no.2 in Google for "cheese shops in Aylesbury".

Success! Or was it? Find out next time....



  • When you plan your website, write down all of your aims, and convey them to your web developer.

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