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The website that grew, part 2

3rd March 2012
Categories: tWtG

Harry sent Kate a proposed design, as an email attachment. It looked like this:

Cheese shop website


It wasn't what Kate expected so she immediately rattled off an email with a few improvements that could be made before she showed it to John:

"Hi Harry

That's great, I like the picture, but could we get one on the home page of John maybe serving a customer? I think it would add a personal touch.

Also can we make it more colourful? It just looks a bit boring at the moment, sorry!

I think having our email address would be good too - the shop email, which is Can you put this somewhere prominent?

Harry was busy the next week, but two weeks later he sent the revised design, which Kate showed to John.

"What do you think of it?" asked John.

"I'm showing it to you. What I think doesn't matter; what do you think?"

"I think it's good, but take off the photo of me and just put the counter on."

"Are you sure?"

"People don't want to see me; they want to see the shop."

"OK, if you're sure."

cheese shop website, revision


Kate called Harry and asked him when the website could go live. He reminded her that he needed the content for the other web pages. After a short delay, they were sent, but Harry had to work out how to buy a domain and put the website on it, as his experience with websites was just a product of tinkering.

After a bit of research, Harry plumped for "" who offered a £2.99/month deal, which sounded quite good.

Finally the website went live, and everyone breathed a sign of relief - the job was done.

Or was it? Find out in the next installment!



  • Before you start a design, get the direct involvement of the people who will be signing it off.


cheese image by Alex Anlicker and published under Creative Commons licence

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