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The website that grew [a website fiction], part 1

21st February 2012
Categories: tWtG

When John's dad died in late 2011, John and Kate decided to move back to Aylesbury and run the cheese shop. Kate was already working in Aylesbury, and John had been doing odd jobs since he left university, so taking over the shop seemed a sensible idea.

The shop was a small, friendly shop, based off Picklegate, and had been serving fine cheese to the good people of Aylesbury since 1938.

John's mum, Nancy, did the accounts, and the shop employed an assistant, Martin. John had some idea of how the shop worked, but he'd need help.

The first meeting with Martin did not go well. Martin felt that he knew a whole lot more than John, and wanted to set him straight on a few things. The shop needed a better counter, better displays, a better stock system, and a website. John listened though, and wrote everything down, but talking to Nancy, he discovered that the shop couldn't afford any of those things.

"It seems in worse shape than I expected", John said to Kate that evening. "What are we going to do?"

They went over some of the ideas. Most of them would have to be postponed until they had more cash in the business. "My brother can help with the website, though" said Kate.

"Fine" said John, "Can you sort out the details with him? I just don't have time at the moment."

Kate didn't think this was the best way of doing things, but agreed to help out.

"Hi Katie, how's tricks?"

"Not bad, Harry. Have you got a moment?"

"Yeah, what's up?"

"John wants to do a website for the shop."

"OK,.. what sort of website?"

"Just a simple website, advertising the shop. Can you do it?"

"It'd be useful to talk to John about it."

"He says he's really busy; can we do it over phone or email? Or maybe you could come 'round at the weekend?"

"OK, how about lunch on Saturday?"


"But you owe me."

"OK Harry, no problem."

Harry ended up sitting down with both Kate and John to talk about the website, but after listing his main requirements ("it has to tell people where we are, and it can't have prices on, because it would be too much work updating it"), John got restless and went off to do something else.

Kate added that it should have photos of the shop counter and photos of John, Nancy, and Martin, and something about being a family-run business on the home page.

In the end Harry agreed to put something together, for Kate's approval, for the last week in February.

(And I'll tell you more about that in my next post)

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