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The web developer's Christmas list

14th December 2011

Dear Father Christmas

I've been incredibly good this year; I've applied w3c standards to all my html and css, and object oriented principles to all my code.  I've applied the boy scout principle (when editing code, I leave it a little better than it was when I started) and I've avoided GOTOs and raw SQL in views and controller code.

What I'd like is:

1. A single specification that's easy to read and unambiguous

2. A 2000 pixel wide screen - make that on dual monitors.

3. 3g on my phone everywhere I go 

4. A quad core processor 

5. Adobe Photoshop CS5

6. Everyone who uses IE6 to upgrade, please!

7. Oxebiz 7

8. Windows 8

9. Firefox 9

10. Visual Studio 2010

11. 2011 to be the year they stop inventing new computer languages, paradigms and frameworks

12. Twelve cups of coffee a day!


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