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The phone: can Microsoft do it?

8th November 2011

Microsoft loves a launch party, but can Microsoft make it with their Windows phone?

Points in favour:

  • Microsoft is a recognised brand, and is able to pull together elements that people already work with, such as office documents and skype.
  • Having jumped in at this point, they've had a good chance to study the competition and get things right.
  • There's lots of media coverage, and no doubt new phone buyers will understand the concept.

Points against:

  • Microsoft haven't quite shaken their uncool glitchy blue-screen-of-death image.
  • Smart phone market saturation is huge, so there aren't that many places to go, and Android and iPhone users will probably stay with what they know.
  • Steve Ballmer.  He's got the energy, yes, but none of the charisma the other Steve had.

Well, the jury's out, but my prediction is that Windows Phone will trail even Blackberry in the marketplace at the end of 2012.

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