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Skydrive gets an upgrade

9th December 2011

We're not only "all about Google" here, so to follow up on yesterday's post about cloud services, I wanted to mention Microsoft's skydrive, which has recently been upgraded.  I checked it out, and it's pretty amazing..

  • edit word, excel and powerpoint as if you've got it installed on your desktop
  • upload and download files
  • sharing (this has improved hugely)
  • quicker access to everyday functions like renaming files (so that it doesn't feel like you're using a web application - again, it's more like using a desktop app).

My guess is that in 10 years time the polarisation between desktop and web apps will be largely forgotten, so unfortunately none of these comparisons will make sense any more - but if you're reading this in 2021, desktop apps used to be faster, trust me...

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