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Programming Tools of the Future

8th April 2008

We use two main languages for developing software - PHP and C#.  Because of the way the internet is maturing, these two languages are converging in terms of the number of features they offer, and in terms of syntax.  If you consider that C# started out (essentially) as Visual Basic, and PHP started out with very little support for Object Oriented Programming, you'll understand what I mean about converging - although they are still far enough apart for techies to splutter into their Red Bull at the sentence above.

Traditionally, PHP has been the open source option and C# the commercial option with all the whizz-bang features and tools.  But there's an amazing new piece of software on the block - the mono project - which is an open source version of C#.  Well, I say new - it's now into version 1.9, but it has had little exposure.

We're fans of the mono project, although there are technical reasons why we don't use it for commercial projects at the moment - and I guess until they're solved, the lack of exposure will go on.  One problem is that there is no development tool for mono aimed at Windows users.

So come on Miguel de Icaza, help us out!


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