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Occupy Flash!

21st November 2011

The occupy flash movement aims to get computer users to disable the Flash plugin on their browsers, claiming that it's old and buggy, and is slowing down the development of new interactive web pages, specifically HTML5/Javascript developments.

While I sympathise, this is akin to asking people to take out the mileometer on their car in favour of soon-to-be-standard robot vehicles.  It won't give them a robot vehicle; it'll just make sure they have less features (and sometimes when they really need those features) in their current car.

So I raise my hat to you, Occupy Flash guys, but I won't be coming along for the ride, sorry!

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Neither solution is perfect. We need to start again from scratch

Jims, 21 Nov 2011

Jims - Disagree - starting from scratch is essentially what html5 has done. Problem is that it takes time to develop, and browser usage needs to catch up to make it generally available. Anything that 'works' therefore will always be out of date and someone will be complaining that ''we need to start from scratch''.

Dave Polanski, 22 Nov 2011

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