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Marketing in a recession

6th January 2010

The thing we've noticed most about this recession we're all in, is that it focuses the mind.  

Where marketing departments may have been full of terribly 'bright' people with outrageously unworkable ideas, they're now being filled with practical people who can work out how to feed leads to the sales department.

E-marketing, which only a few years ago used to be the emperor's new clothes (and the change is not due to economics but simply to the take up of the internet) is now a pretty good answer to a lot of marketing questions.

With e-marketing, I can go a long way to finding out:

  • who has been reached
  • who likes my marketing campaign
  • who responds
  • what sort of things they like

Some of the answers to these questions are really pie-in-the-sky with newspaper or other traditional marketing.  So people are turning now to e-marketing to get more out of their marketing pound.


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This is way more helpful than anyhtnig else I've looked at.

Tiger, 6 Dec 2011

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