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Igniting our interest

15th October 2010

We don't usually do product reviews on this blog, let alone rave reviews, so brace yourself.

I'm the proud owner of a Kindle, an electronic device designed to replace the paperback.  Drawbacks: no reading in the bath.  Expected drawbacks: not nice to hold, awkward turning pages, awkward finding your place in a book.  None of these are true!  Additional drawbacks: no backlight for reading in the dark - but that's very unfair, as paperbacks don't have a backlight either.

Advantages: too many to count.  From the moment you download your first book (buy off Amazon - some for £0.00 - and it gets delivered to your device within about a minute) you feel light-headed with success and enjoyment.... because it works and because you know it's going to give you  hours of reading pleasure.  It's easy to hold and to handle; the screen is paper-like; turning pages is a doddle and it remembers where you are (of course) and doesn't fold closed when you put it down (no folds).

OK, I'm probably tied in to Amazon to an extent - although you can send e-books to your device in a variety of formats - but it's so easy and nice to use, I'm hooked.

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