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How to run a meeting

16th June 2011

My advice isn't about sales meetings; they're another animal altogether.  This is about staff meetings.  The sort of meetings some people dread and even the best of us have fallen asleep in.  This is how to do it right:

Have the end in mind.  Have an agenda.  Prepare notes so that the meeting will be informed, and will run like clockwork.  Know why people are there and expect a contribution.  Start on time.  Start without people if they're late.   Don't apologise for not being prepared.  Start positively.  Thank people for attending.  State the agenda. State what's expected of people.  Reel people back in from red herrings.  Keep going back to the agenda.  Delegate decisions and actions to people if they're taking too long in the meeting.  Let people know what they need to do and when.  Suggest and diary the next meeting date.  Thank people for attending.  Pack up and leave.  Follow up with an actions list.  Follow up actions with a reminder and a call for updates.  Remind people about the next meeting.  Start again.

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