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How to grab customers' attention this Christmas

7th December 2011

Online Christmas shopers fall into all sorts of categories, and some into no categories at all, but here are some behaviours which we've observed in customers over the years which should help you plan your website's foray into the marketplace:

Customers don't always buy on price

Customers will look for websites that appear to be trustworthy. This means that some of them will avoid Google ads in favour of natural search results. It also means that getting a sharper design and the right content (and social media links) must be a priority for ageing websites. Just because it works, it doesn't mean it will attract customers.

Customers can't always buy on price

The cheapest option may be way down the list of search results.  No customer in a hurry is going to look on page 3 of search results, and many aren't going to look on page 2.  Be on page one (for your product name - your company name doesn't matter) and try Google Product Search too (see our earlier post).

Customers like to buy from trusted sites

If you don't have information about your security features, your returns policy, and happy customer testimonials, you will almost certainly be losing out on a huge swathe of customers who just don't trust you. They're easy to add, too. If you want to go a notch higher, use video testimonials to prove that your customers really exist!

Customers love lots of information

Of course, there are some situations in which, if you've found the product you're looking for, you'll click "buy".  But what if you aren't quite sure if it's wide enough, or supports Windows, or is suitable for a 3 year old? Be especially careful if you're receiving downloads of product information from  the manufacturer - are they enough?  Can you point the customer to more information or fact-sheet downloads, or write about your own experience? This is another great way to differentiate from your competitors.

Happy selling!

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