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How can a website represent a business?

3rd May 2010

Nearly everyone knows by now that most people who interact with an organisation on a meaningful level (i.e. any deeper than buying a low-cost commodity) will check out that organisation's website.

This of course includes customers, suppliers, staff, shareholders, and many other groups of people.

Sometimes without knowing it, these people are judging the organisation by its website.

So one way in which a website should reflect a business is by appearing as professional and trustworthy as the business itself.

But more than that, a website should reflect the processes of the business.

If customers buy from you, is there a way for them to do this (or to learn about it) on the website?

If you offer customer support, can the website help?

If your staff interact with customers, can they use the back end of the website to process those interactions? And so on.

Every time a business process is put in place, thought should be given to how that could be mapped onto the website.

Whenever this happens, there are potential savings in time and money, and potential benefits in terms of reaching audiences.

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