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Good on you, Govey!

16th January 2012

Today we're big fans of Michael Gove, who has announced that the IT curriculum in schools needs a bit of an overhaul and may be split into two areas similar to English with its 'Language' and 'Literature' GCSEs.

Some years ago, as a budding 11 year old computer scientist I signed up for IT classes at my school, and we were taught what a variable was, how variables might be assigned from some sort of input, how to manipulate them, store and retrieve them, and ultimately output something on a screen.  This means that with a little 'connecting the dots' we could write our own databases, word processors and games, before it became a thing for the elite and everyone else got spoon-fed.

Nowadays my 12-year-old son doesn't have an option to learn programming at school, even though he's dead keen on it (yes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...) so I'm doing my best to teach him at home - but how many kids are missing out on a vocation?

So we salute you, Mr Gove - you're doing the right thing!


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