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Getting users to get in touch

18th May 2010

When considering a contact form on your website, what do you put on it?

We've found that when our customers add a contact form (in addition to phone + email details) a significant proportion of website contacts come through that form.

In other words, many people don't like to pick up the phone or write an email; they prefer to simply fill in a form and get you to contact them.

Two other variations on the contact form are popular:

"Call me back" asks the user to type a phone number and name (and optionally the best time to call). This can send an email to your company, or it could pop up a window on a call centre operator's computer if you have many operators standing by to make calls.

"Live chat" is strictly for companies with a decent number of support operatives standing by. This again pops up a window on an operator's computer and lets the user chat in real time. Less pressure than a phone call but just as immediate.

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Wow, that's a really clever way of thinking about it!

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