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Editing your photos in Google+

24th January 2012
Categories: graphics

A few weeks ago we looked at some of the graphics programs that make up a web developer's toolkit.  But like many things, photo editing is one of those functions that has successfully made the leap from desktop app to web based app.  Google isn't the only one doing it, but we've been trying out the tool provided from within Google+ and we like it a lot!

Google+ Photo editor

Simple on the surface, a set of tabs appear when you select "creative kit" (under the "photos" menu item).  Within each tab is a variety of tools - again, each one is simple at first but a number of options unfold if you explore.  For example, in the picture above, I've selected 'boost' as an effect to apply to my photo.  You can apply the effect to  the whole photo, or you can select to use a 'boost brush' ('effect painting') instead, and within the brush you can either apply the effect, or undo the effect.

As you might imagine, you can apply colour changes, cure red eye, crop, rotate, and sharpen, but you can also:

  • pixelate
  • fix blemishes
  • airbrush
  • add text in a variety of fonts
  • add beards, crowns, tiaras, and christmas hats(!)

So no need to crank up photoshop whie you're plus-one'ing!

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