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Avoiding viruses

14th April 2008

New viruses can often get around anti-virus software because anti-virus software just doesn't know about them.  Here are our top tips for avoiding viruses:

  1. Use a proper firewall.  If you're plugging directly into a cablemodem, it makes sense to go and buy a router which puts a physical barrier between you and the internet.  Ask your local computer store for help.
  2. Don't download dodgy software.  Hackers often use tempting lures such as bootlegged software to install nasty viruses on your PC.  If it looks like a website you can't trust, don't download anything from it.
  3. Don't open spurious email attachments.  Not even from friends, if you're not sure what the attachments are.
  4. Keep up to date with "Windows Update".  This removes malicious software on a regular basis.


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