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A moving experience: cloud computing

8th December 2011

Having moved offices this week I have to say, despite the heaps of work actually carting stuff from one place to another and notifying customers and suppliers of our new contact details, it's been one of the least stressful moving experiences I've ever had.

Of course, we have to thank the good people at Sandford Gate in part for that; renting an office here and getting the phones, internet, and furniture we needed was a doddle.

But it's also down to the wonder of cloud computing. 

In the bad old days, our Exchange Server Administrator and our Windows Network Administrator would have been fiddling with cables and desktop settings, installing file servers and email servers in air-conditioned racks and coming up with unexpected problems which take email offline for hours on end. 

Nowadays, with everything we need on our laptops and desktops somewhere in the cloud, we can just unplug in the old office and plug in again in the new.  

In addition to a hosted email and file servers, and hosted office documents, we also use versioned file backups of our software projects, which mean any changes are logged and we are able to roll back to previous versions if necessary - a very useful tool.

To find out more about how cloud computing can help you and your business, get in touch.

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