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A first look at Google+

12th July 2011

I have to say now, I am aware that some of our readers don't use social networking, don't know how to tweet, and have never heard of this "Google+" thing.  Don't panic!  It's simply a way to share information without having to email it, so for example putting a photo album online for your family to see.  So you never know, you might like it.

However.. there are two main problems with Google+ at the moment (and I say 'at the moment' because I'm sure that both of these problems will go away in a very short space of time).

The first problem is that hardly anyone is using it.  It's as deserted as friends reunited became after facebook caught on.  It's like turning up at a party, finding the door open, and nobody at all at home.  'Coo-eee!  Anybody home?' you call, and there's just an echo.

Of course, it's ridiculously easy to invite people, and to put them into compartments ('circles') so that you can choose what to share with whom.

The second big problem I'm finding is that Google are still overcoming a few usability glitches.  There are little popups and scroll bars that get in the way when you least expect it, and actually stop you looking at the things underneath.  And I am finding little dead ends with photo uploads, including when you go to the large version of a photo that's ready to share, there's no option to share it, only to delete or change the caption.

Still, it's early days, and it has the feel of something that's going to be a lot more user friendly than facebook.  I will almost feel sorry for facebook if everyone deserts it...

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